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Back to Dance is here!

At this exciting time of year we’d like to ask that you choose to support your local dancewear store for all your Back 2 Dance needs, instead of going online.

Your local MDM dancewear retailer is more than just a supplier of dancewear; they’re part of your local dance community. They’re often a sponsor of local eisteddfods and bursary’s, a hub of new information, perhaps an employer of young dancers or former dancers, and can become a neutral place to meet, chat and share knowledge and experiences. 

More than that, the local dancewear store is a place for you to experience and feel the product you’re about to spend the next few months in. And be they beautiful MDM shoes or apparel, the feeling dancewear provides matters. 

How do these shoes, this leotard, these tights make you feel when you put them on? Do they make you feel like moving and in what way? These are qualities we can’t know when looking online, but need to have in our hands, need to touch, try on, move in; experience. Because dance is about how you feel on the inside, not just look on the outside, and how you’re able to translate those feelings into movement that’s shared to make others feel.

So this year at Back 2 Dance, before you hit BUY online; please pause and consider wandering down to your local dancewear store. Strike up a conversation, get to know them a little better and after you’ve got your MDM shoes fitted, try on a few different pieces and experience the feeling that only reality can give.   

Support local – being there for them will ensure they’re always there for you.


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