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Ballet Classics Collection


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Ballet Classics Collection

Collect all 149 Cards from 14 of the most famous classical fairytale ballets.

Look out for rare holographic cards of the 14 main female ballerinas, as well as 8 ultra rare rose gold metallic cards. There is also a hidden secret gold card that only the luckiest of collectors will find.

Start Collecting now, trade with your friends to complete your set!

Single Booster Packet : 1 packet of 6 cards ($7.90)

Small Booster box : 6 packets of cards ($45.90)

Large Booster box: 36 packets of cards ($269.90)

Suitable for 6+ years

Note: Each individual packet contains 6 trading cards. Cards are randomly inserted into booster packs across each production run. There is no guarantee that certain cards will be found in individual booster packs or booster boxes.
Please note: it is recommended to store rare and ultra rare cards in a collector’s folder or in individual card sleeves to prevent surface scratching.

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