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The canvas alternative to the Elemental Reflex, the Intrinsic Reflex is the perfect companion for the emerging dancer.

The Dance Base Support protects and supports the wearer providing sensory feedback (proprioception), controlled resistance and critical shock absorption while the Reflex Contour dynamically expands and contracts in sync with the dramatic changes of the dancers body, maintaining aesthetic lines at all times.

The strengthening and supportive features make this slipper an important tool to prepare for demi pointe and pointe work, while the Reflex Contour is ideal for growing bodies and various climates and conditions that can affect foot size.

(Child): 7—3, (Adult): 4—13. Available in half sizes.

WIDTHS: NN (Extra Narrow), N (Narrow), M (Medium), W (Wide)

COLOUR: Pink (Available in Adult size 4 — 11 only), White, Black


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Engineered For High Performance

The Reflex Contour Panel is a technical feature unique to MDM footwear. A responsive stretch panel built into the mid-section of the shoe, the reflex panel allows the shoe to dynamically expand and contract with the natural movement of the dancer’s foot, while maintaining an optimum fit and aesthetics at all times.

The Dance Base Support technology found in the Intrinsic Reflex ballet slipper:
– provides extra stimulation to the foot
– assists to better activate the intrinsic muscles automatically
– creates the habitual default movement pattern required for good technique
– provides the equivalent resistance of a full sole slipper
– encourages alignment awareness which facilitates optimal positioning (reduced pronation)
– provides shock absorption and therefore protection from the impact of landing forces

The patented technology contained inside MDM footwear have gained recognition as a critical learning aid and essential duty of care product.
70% of all dance injuries are in the lower leg and our purpose-built technologies decrease the possibility of these injuries.

MDM United States Patent 9,414,639
MDM European Patent 2549898
MDM Australian Patent 61/317,155

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