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In development for over two years, the Profile (V) is a stretch ballet slipper conforming to the foot like a second skin and manufactured from a textile exclusively constructed for MDM. The vegan friendly Profile is completely free of animal products. 

Incorporating MDM’s patented Dance Base Support, the vegan Profile offers optimal performance features coupled with all the unique safe dance practice essentials you’ve come to know and love about MDM. In development for over two years, the Profile (V) is a stretch ballet slipper conforming to the foot like a second skin and manufactured from a textile exclusivley constructed for MDM.  

Please Note – This shoe is constructed from an “interlink” canvas-like fabric to maximise your performance. This provides the perfect fit with no break in period. Wear only on specialised dance surfaces. Be sure to avoid surfaces such as concrete, roads, floorboards and carpeted areas.


(Child): 7—3  (Adult): 6—11

WIDTHS: NN (Extra Narrow),  M (Medium)

Available in whole sizes only

COLOURS: Pink, Black, White,  [Skin] Tone #2

Ideal for

Growing bodies

Climate adjustment. Heat and cold.

Supporting a developing technique

Long training and rehearsal sessions

Accentuating the arch

Alignment awareness i.e. ‘sensing’ pronation

Preparation for demi pointe and pointe work


Patent applied Dance Base Support

Patent applied Reflex Contour stretch panel, expands as the foot grows

Shock absorption cushioned heel

Built on dance specific 3D scanned lasts

Elastic binding for superior fit

Flat pleats

Pre-sewn cross elastics

Heat reducing Kashmir lining

Soft and supportive high-grade leather


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Engineered For High Performance

The Dance Base Support technology found in the Profile 2.0 Vegan ballet slipper:
– provides extra stimulation to the foot
– assists to better activate the intrinsic muscles automatically
– creates the habitual default movement pattern required for good technique
– provides the equivalent resistance of a full sole slipper
– encourages alignment awareness which facilitates optimal positioning (reduced pronation)
– provides shock absorption and therefore protection from the impact of landing forces
The patented technology contained inside MDM footwear have gained recognition as a critical learning aid and essential duty of care product.
70% of all dance injuries are in the lower leg and our purpose-built technologies decrease the possibility of these injuries.

MDM United States Patent 9,414,639
MDM European Patent 2549898
MDM Australian Patent 61/317,155
As the foot fills the shoe the Dance Base Support rises to meet the underneath of the dancer’s arch.
This provides subtle arch support to the dancer.


The MDM size charts below are based on length and width measurements that can be discovered by completing the MDM Fit Quiz.
MDM lengths are based closely on US ladies street shoe sizes and US Child sizes.

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