Stretch Canvas Jazz Shoe

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Made from high tensile, antibacterial material, the CURVE is specifically designed for performance as well as being the leading teaching shoe on the market.

The dancer will enjoy a snug yet effortless fit, while retaining the embedded MDM technology which has been demonstrated to promote a stronger, less injury prone body.

Child: 12—3 whole sizes only

Adult: 6—12 whole sizes only

WIDTH: M (Medium)

COLOUR: Black, Tone #2


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Engineered For High Performance

The patented technology contained inside MDM footwear have gained recognition as a critical learning aid and essential duty of care product.
70% of all dance injuries are in the lower leg and our purpose-built technologies decrease the possibility of these injuries.

MDM United States Patent 9,414,639
MDM European Patent 2549898
MDM Australian Patent 61/317,155

As the foot fills the shoe the Dance Base Support rises to meet the underneath of the dancer’s arch.
This provides subtle arch support to the dancer.

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