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Pink Peony


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Let the subtle floral scent of Pink Peony uplift your mood and create a luxurious feeling with a soft glowing light.  Pink petals of peony are combined with Carolina jasmine, African violets and wild rose.


Top notes: Pink Sugar, Red Currant, Pomegranate
Mid notes: Peach, Peony, Ambergris, Tonka Bean, Pink Geranium
Base notes: Vanilla Bean, Musk, Amber

All of our candles are hand made using 100% Natural soy Wax using lead-free wicks.

Hand poured

Safe Ingredients

100% vegan

Free from animal testing

Available in Black Matt with lid

Instructions :

Your candles will burn up to 25% longer if you trim the wick every couple of hours.  This will prevent carbon build up on the wick.  Store candles in a d ray place with the lid on to protect the fragrance and wax.

The first burn:

Burn until wax melts evenly across container, not exceeding 4 hrs. If a candle is not burned for long enough to allow the wax to melt edge to edge of the container it will create a “memory ring” that will cause tunnelling for all the rest of its life.

Burn with love


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