Musings on Dance Ep.1

Josef Brown interviewed the wonderful, Tina Sparks about her recent article published on the website; ‘Dance awareness, no child exploited’ and the growing need for regulation in our dance community. Below is a snippet of the conversation.

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Josef: Hello, Tina! Thanks for coming along today and welcome to being our guest on Musings on Dance with MDM.

Tina: Thank you for having me. It’s exciting. So you recently wrote a powerful article which was published on the website Dance Awareness No Child Exploited.

Josef: Can you tell me how you came across this organisation and what motivated you to want to write it? And perhaps a little about the article just as an overview.

Tina: Dance awareness is a little roundabout story,  it was originally from a book I was reading about a dancer in America who was unfortunately tricked into dancing as a pole dancer and then she ended up going down the wrong path. This lady spoke with the dance awareness organisation in America. And so, I started down the rabbit hole of finding everything I could about the organisation as well as discovering what we have here in Australia.

I contacted them and said, I’m very passionate about this area and I have some things as an adjudicator I’d like to talk about. And also talking with you in the past and many other adjudicators saying that we’ve got this same sort of pattern happening…


For more information, you can contact Tina directly here: [email protected]

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