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The world of dance explored through interviews, articles and vlogs.

Non Binary Dance

Are studios shifting to become gender neutral? Adriana Pierce. Photograph: Alejandro Gonzalvez Author’s note: for the purpose of this article I refer to boys, girls,

Which Syllabus to choose?

WHICH IS THE “BEST” SYLLABUS FOR MY STUDIO? Working through the many pros and cons to assess the best syllabus is a challenging prospect. Is

The Mighty Corps

“Failure is success in progress.” ~ Albert Einstein   I first heard this line many years ago yet found myself reflecting on it more deeply

Language Matters

Pull Up! I need you to give 150% Pretty faces. Smile.   Many dancers would have heard phrases like these regularly in class and/or during

Exploring Flexibility With Lisa Howell

Training with Lisa Howell  Episode Four: Exploring Flexibility In this episode Lisa Howell discusses flexibility issues and how each person’s individual restrictions alter the way

Dancing To Elevate Your Self Esteem

Dancing to Elevate your Self Esteem From the youngest dancers to professional company members, dance practice is built on a system of challenge, correction and

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