Footwear Requirements For Your Syllabus

Are you up to date with the footwear requirements for your studio’s ballet syllabus?

This page has been organised as a definitive guide to the footwear requirements by the major syllabi in Australia.

In February 2018 MDM reached out to the vast majority of the syllabus organisations working in Australia beginning the process of forming a document that could function as a; definitive guide to the footwear requirements by the syllabus in Australia. 

To date, we’ve approached many of the syllabi working in Australia requesting clarification about their footwear requirements for classes and exams in order that the information could be easily accessible in one place for those that need it: students, teachers, studio owners, stores, parents, footwear manufacturers. 

As many in our industry would be aware there’s been an influx into studios in recent years of cheap costume jiffies bought from large variety store chains, supermarkets and cheap online knock-offs from overseas direct distributors. It’s our experience that most industry leaders agree that the wearing of such footwear undermines our entire industry by devaluing the importance of the dance education taking place in the studios and does not promote our shared desire for improved safe dance practice.

As part of our conversations we suggested that the syllabus make one small addition to their footwear requirements, adding a statement about the quality of the shoes they prefer or expect students to wear during classes and exams.

Such a statement does not preference any major brand over another. It simply ensures that a higher quality of footwear continues to be used in our classrooms and supporting our children’s developing physiology, while simultaneously setting the direction and tone towards more supportive footwear so that a dancer’s shoes are increasingly perceived and understood as pieces of equipment; arguably the dancers most essential equipment.

Syllabus Footwear Requirements

Click on the relevant syllabus where you’ll find what you need to know about your syllabus and what they expect in terms of footwear for classes, competitions and exams.

In alphabetical order;

The Australian Conservatoire of BalletACB 

The ACB were contacted for a statement at the beginning of the process about their foot wear requirements and the quality they expect, but at the time of publishing have not yet responded with those details. When/if they become available we’ll update the document.

Australasian Dance Association ADA

“The ADA syllabus requires that all shoes be as functionally supportive as possible and from a quality, reputable brand.”

Australian Dance VisionADV 

“Australian Dance Vision recommends quality dance footwear from genuine industry recognised brands.”

Australian Institute of Classical Dance AICD

“The AICD’s Borovansky Syllabus, requires that all examination shoes be from a quality reputable brand.”

Australian Teachers of DanceATOD

“ATOD don’t stipulate any particular footwear requirements for the syllabus. It is up to the individual studios to set uniform for exams. The ATOD syllabus preference is that all examination shoes be as functionally supportive as possible and from a quality, reputable brand.”

Ballet Australasia BAL

BAL were contacted for a statement on the quality of shoes required for their syllabus, but at the time of writing have not responded with a statement.  When/if a statement becomes available we’ll update the document.  Information regarding specific foot wear requirements for this syllabus can be found via the link above.

Cechetti Australia CA

“All members are asked to check the ballet shoes that students are wearing in examinations. I am sure that all members are aware of an influx of cheap ballet shoes being available from various cheap outlets and Cecchetti Ballet Australia would like all teachers to to ensure that their students wear shoes that are well-fitting and from a reputable brand at all times.”

Classical Dance AustraliaCDA

“At present there is no specific footwear requirements as far as Classical Dance Australia is concerned for classes or examinations. However, students attending CDA examinations are required to wear shoes that are functionally supportive, and designed specifically for ballet students by a reputable company.”

– John Byrne, Artistic Director.

Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing CSTD

“The CSTD syllabus does not have specific foot wear requirements for exams, but does require that all examination shoes be as functionally supportive as possible and from a quality, reputable brand.”

Movement and Dance Education Centre MDEC

“MDEC do not currently have any specific footwear requirements, although we do endeavour to ensure that MDEC teachers promote safe dance practice and part of that is ensuring the foot wear for dance should be correctly fitted and appropriate. MDEC therefore encourages all participants to wear functionally supportive foot wear sourced from a reputable, well known brand.”

Royal Academy of DanceRAD

“The Royal Academy of Dance encourages students to wear well fitted, functionally supportive dance wear and shoes. Please see our specifications for further information on our recommended uniform including options manufactured in collaboration with licensed suppliers.”

State Dance Association SDA

“The SDA syllabus requires that all shoes be as functionally supportive as possible and from a quality, reputable brand. SDA do not have any specific foot wear requirements for classes or exams other than that the appropriate shoes be worn for each style i.e. ballet shoes for ballet, jazz shoes for jazz etc.”

Southern Federation of Dance SFD

“The SFD society policy has always been to allow each studio to determine their individual uniform for exams. We do not have a set uniform that everyone must comply with. SFD encourages well fitted dance shoes.”

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