Elemental Reflex Performance

Designed for your next performance or exam


Performing is the greatest gift. We work so hard for this moment and it is a chance to show an audience how far we have come.

To be able to transform ourselves into the role and to be fearless requires confidence. To have confidence we need to know that we are ready.

In that moment everything needs to be just right.


The Elemental Reflex Performance brings all the MDM technology together in a shoe that is optimised for performance. With a primary focus on performance, this shoe is ready to be worn on stage, right out of the box. 

Made from supple leather, the shoe requires no break in period and will conform to the dancers foot instantly. The ribbon and elastics, which form part of the support mechanism are both pre sewn which means there is no preparation needed.

Using our two key technologies, the Dance Base Support and Reflex Contour, the shoe will continue to guide and support the dancer throughout their performance while providing a level of confidence that the desired aesthetics will be effortless.



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